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Do a Short Sale in San Diego and Avoid Foreclosure

If you are having difficulty in making your mortgage payments or selling your home, you have come to the right place. In the past few years I have completed over 40 short sales for my clients. In today’s real estate environment selling your home really is the best solution if your home is up side down (you owe more to the bank than your home is worth). Did you know that if you sell your home via a short sale you may be eligible to buy a new home in as little as 2 years? In the last few months I have noticed a dramatic increase in the ease that the banks are willing to work with distressed homeowners.

  • Enables the sale of the house without a foreclosure on your record
  • Allows for financial recovery to begin during the short sale process
  • Releases you from your negative equity (upside down) position
  • Capitalizes on lenders current motivation to grant a short sale
  • May forgive taxes owed from the short sale
  • Provides quicker credit recovery
  • May allow you to buy another home more quickly, at today’s prices!
  • Will save you over THOUSANDS over the life of a loan by getting out now!




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